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      Wuxi Photovoltaic, serving the world!
      At the Wuxi New Energy Chamber of Commerce General Election and the second annual member representative meeting held on the afternoon of June 28, Solarland was elected as council member. At the same time, six companies including Solarland reached a strategic cooperation consensus and decided to jointly establish the “Wuxi Photovoltaic Brand Product Comprehensive Service Center”, based in Wuxi and facing the world, and made great achievements for the Wuxi PV industry.


         In order to actively respond to the country's new PV policy and accelerate industrial innovation and transformation, Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd., China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., SINENG Eletric Co., Ltd. Wuxi Longmax Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Uttsolar Equipment Co., Ltd, Solarland (Wuxi) Electric Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. These six companies mentioned above reached a strategic cooperation consensus after friendly negotiation and decided to jointly create a "Wuxi Photovoltaic Brand Product Integration" based on the organizational structure of Wuxi New Energy Chamber of Commerce Service Center".

         Wuxi Photovoltaic Enterprises will jointly hold a group to improve the international competitiveness of Wuxi PV products, improve the international brand name awareness of Wuxi PV industry and enterprises, and achieve glory for Wuxi.