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      Engineering Division ENGINEERING

      Not only do us the PV hardware maintenance service provider, we also provide one-stop operation and maintenance service for photovoltaic power station.

      • Type of finished power station includes ground power station, commercial distributed power station, remote power station, water power station

      • fishery based power station, agricultural based power stations and other mainstream project modes.

      • Footprints spread in 13 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. It starts from Zhoushan Islands in the east, Naqu, Tibet in the west, Sanya in the sounth, and Chanchun in the north.

      • Elite workforce, advanced management, proven technology and first-class equipment.

      Engineering Division

      New energy intelligent hardware service provider


        Our service is people-oriented, not a cold phone call or a ton of buttons, but the guy you are familiar with will come to you within 24 hours. No routines and tricks, but adequate products and 100% sincerity.


        Team spreads all over China to ensure 7 /24 respond. 


        Our service engineer team is stable, no need to waste time walking through the project, specific engineer serves, shoulders responsibility till the case is closed.

      Operation and maintenance service provider
      of professional photovoltaic power station system

      Provide operation and maintenance service for PV stations spreads all over East China region, South China region, Central plains region, Southwest region and other regions. Several maintenance modes are utilized include the trusteeship mode, semi-trusteeship mode, patrol mode and other cooperation modes. 

      Design many maintenance modes to meet every customer needs, include self-hold, financial leasing and other types. 

      Stabilise the income of power station, reduce the operation and maintenance cost, and extend the operation period of power station. 


        Provide professional "health examination report "of power station by using advanced infrared drones, hand-held EL and IV tests, and UL/cUL equipment.Small and medium-sized photovoltaic power station EPC.

      • REAL TIME

        Using Fusion Solar smart operation and maintenance real time platform to monitor the performance of PV station and detect any error may occur. 


        All engineers are either senior levels in PV maintenance or hold proper certifications. 

      One-stop complete solution provider
      Focus on distributed industrial and commercial projects


        Proiect installation: International construction standard and international first-class EPC Capability.Proiect management: Strict quality control for procect management 


        System integration: independent system integration and grid type system integration. Equipment selection: complete system purchasing and selection service.


        Proiect development: on-site investigation, proiect approval consulting, and proiect planning. Proiect design: offer customised proiect design that include detailed pion.